Desha | Deśa (देश)

'Desha' is the Sanskrit word for ‘space’ or ‘place’. Often used to describe the quiet inner space cultivated through mindfulness and meditation, we take it to refer to the internal spaciousness that props help you find in your yoga practice. 


We thought about everything when developing these premium eco-friendly yoga mats. They are non slip and will hold your grip in both heated and unheated yoga. They are thick enough to offer firm support for the joints. The well researched alignment markers are also an invaluable tool for cultivating a precise, more mindful practice .

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Elevate your seat, lengthen your spine or support your knees. These firm yoga foams are the perfect, multi-purpose prop for a comfortable and supportive yoga and meditation practice.

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Simple and effective tool for safely accessing deeper binds and stretches, facilitating longer holds or opening up and stabilising the chest and shoulders.

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Sustainable cork or our signature birch ply blocks, both will help you build a stronger, safer practice.

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Home studio essentials

Home studio collection

Home studio collection

Create your dream home studio space with these home studio prop essentials.... 

Mediation support

Meditation collection

Meditation collection

Choose between a meditation cushion or a bench to support your meditation...