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5 tips for making an intentional home studio space 

Yoga at home is becoming the norm. 

" With so many incredible local & international online yoga platforms to choose from, for lots of us, doing yoga from home has become our go to way to get our practice in. But it can be super distracting. I find that making an intentional home studio space is really helpful for keeping you present in your practice ".

Naomi Marshak
Yoga teacher & owner of Desha.

5 top tips for making an intentional home studio space


  1. FIND A NOOK : it doesn't have to be a big one, just big enough for your mat really. Preferably uncarpeted and with natural light. 
  2. MAKE A BOUNDARY : make sure your nook is in a place that you won't be distracted and those around you know that you'd like not to be distracted. 
  3. DE-CLUTTER or DECORATE : set it up in whatever way brings you calm.
  4. MAKE IT SMELL NICE , LIGHT A CANDLE : burning essential oils that help settle the nervous system is wonderful invitation to practice.
  5. GIVE YOURSELF PROPS : set yourself up with everything you need to support your practice. 


I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to help tether you to the online yoga space, but I've found these to be really helpful. And of course, perhaps the most important way to keep you engaged in an online class is through your connection to the teacher. Below are my top five online platforms and teachers below that I have loved & learnt from over the years. I'd love your recommendations so please feel free to leave them in the comments. 

Most loved online teaching platforms & teachers 

 The Shala


 Alex Artymiak 

Mariah Betts Yoga  

 Hiro Landazuri  

And if you're still not sure what props to start with, these are a few of my personal favourite home studio essentials  : 

A set of birch yoga blocks 

2 x yoga blocks are always better than one. Not only do blocks help you find greater depth in your poses but they are fantastic strengthener tools. 

A cylinder bolster

I like the length & width of the cylinders. They're long enough to lay your entire spine over &  narrow enough to open the chest space while doing so,

A Desha yoga mat

These mats are grippy, eco friendly, supportive for knees & wrists, easy to clean and have helpful alignment markers to keep you safe & poses aligned .

Cape chamomile essential oil

This chamomile oil has a unique honeyed herby woody scent. It is like a giant hug for the nervous system. I wear it as perfume . Diffuse. Bath in it.

Happy space making yogis , 

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