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3 ways to level up your core work with yoga blocks.

There are So many clever ways to incorporate yoga blocks in to your regular practice. 

Most of us are familiar with the lengthening uses of yoga blocks because they quite literally bring the floor close to you in poses where it can be difficult to reach the ground. But using blocks for core activation and inversion preparation is a practice game changer. Below are few of my favourite core preparation exercises to help you strengthen your arm balance and handstand practice. 

1. The perfect oblique activation for twisted arm balances : 

Lie on your back, bend your knees. Place a block lengthwise on your right thigh. Connect your right elbow to the block to stabilize it. Extend the left leg then crunch left elbow to left knee. Make sure lower back is flat to the mat & your belly is drawing in & down to protect the lower back. 

Repeat x 10 & then do the same on the other side. 

2. Great prep for handstands & crow pose: 

Lie on your back , place a block between the balls of your feet in a butterfly pose / badakonasana shape. Pull your navel down & firm your lower back to the mat. Keep that, lift your head and shoulders reach for the block & straighten your legs as you lift the block overhead. 

Repeat x 10

3. Your go-to core activation drill: 

Place block on medium setting between the thighs close to the pelvis. Draw belly down to flatten lower back to mat, interlace hands behind head, lift head and shoulders , draw elbows around the ears and up toward the ceiling. Lower straight legs to hover. Only lower as low as you can whilst maintaining lower back to mat. On the lift up , lift your tail bone & hips off the mat to give your lower abdominals a little more work ;) . 

Repeat x 10


Happy practicing yogis! 

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